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From SCAD President Paula Wallace


Tiffani Taylor has perfected the art of living fully, joyfully, and expectantly. Like the wildflower – one of her most beloved subjects – Tiffani possesses deep soul-roots, which enable her to flourish whether in times of austerity or plenty. As a child, Tiffani had few material possessions, but she owned everything that may be seen through the eyes of an aesthete. Surrounded by a family of wordsmiths and beauty-lovers, it was her grandmother who first taught her to mine the visual world with observant eyes. In her childhood home of Ogden, Utah, Tiffani experienced a treasure trove of untrammeled nature. Empresses could not have derived more pleasure from their strands of rubies than Tiffani did from her field of poppies, which continue to color her vibrant work.

As a child, Tiffani possessed extraordinary self-discipline, a trait that characterizes her work to this day. Since the tender age of two, Tiffani has not stopped creating; at sixteen, she vowed to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) – a feat she accomplished several years later, supported by the SCAD Presidential Scholarship. By her junior year at SCAD, Tiffani had formed her own business, buoyed by her exuberant art and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Tiffani is a gallery owner, and the benefactor of deserving SCAD students whom she mentors and supports through the Tiffani Taylor Scholarship Fund.

Whether figurative or literal, there is a multidimensional quality to all of Tiffani’s work.  Often, a musical score will peep through a splash of paint, a line of poetry will be interwoven with the images, or a playful glimmer of gold will dance across the surface of the canvas. May the sweet spirit of Tiffani Taylor continue to contribute to the joie de vivre of others.

Paula Wallace

President and Cofounder of Savannah College of Art and Design