Art Walk founder announces latest partnership to raise money for SCAD scholarship By Kim Gusby Published: November 15, 2016, 1:25 pm Tiffani Taylor, Artist and Owner of Tiffani Taylor Gallery and the founder of Savannah Art Walk, joins us at the table to talk about her latest collaborative that brings Scents from Savannah and Cool Savannah together to raise money for a great cause.

Art Walk founder announces latest partnership to raise money for SCAD scholarship

By Kim Gusby Published: November 15, 2016, 1:25 pm

Tiffani Taylor, Artist and Owner of Tiffani Taylor Gallery and the founder of Savannah Art Walk, joins us at the table to talk about her latest collaborative that brings Scents from Savannah and Cool Savannah together to raise money for a great cause.


Article by Lauren Flotte, Connect Savannah

"IT'S a night of magic and dreaminess surrounded by wine and beautiful hotels and gorgeous galleries," glimmers Tiffani Taylor.

Taylor is describing Savannah's newest art event, Savannah Art Walk, but after five minutes in her company one could be convinced every evening in her world is magic.

She nearly sparkles with unconditional positivity and grace seldom seen, yet the most dazzling of all is what Taylor's achieved—a successful career as an artist in Savannah. Her Whitaker Street gallery is entering its fourth year.

"Four years, it feels like I should get a piece of paper, like a college diploma or something," Taylor laughs.

She's now sprinkling her magic dust (plus some dedication and hard work) on a new venture. She's founder and producer of Savannah Art Walk, held monthly, every first Saturday 4-8pm in Savannah's Historic District. It debuted last month and the second event is this Saturday, May 2.

The Art Walk includes 20 downtown galleries plus the Bohemian Riverfront Hotel and Andaz Savannah. It is free and open to the public.

"I feel that the event is sophisticated, and elegant, and gracious. I'm very much about being a hostess to our guests," says Taylor who personally greets guests at either end of the event, first at the Bohemian and then at Andaz.

Both hotels sponsor a complimentary wine pour for guests of the Art Walk, the first a 4 pm opening toast at Rocks on the Roof, the Bohemian's rooftop bar.

It's a fitting starting point as it echoes Savannah Art Walk's history.

"I was approached by Bohemian Hotel to collaborate with them and do something with my art. I immediately thought, okay, this hotel wants to collaborate with me, they could pour wine—art walk," Taylor recounts.

Following the wine pour, it's off to Taylor's gallery—sunny and romantic in the French country tradition, overflowing with her expressionistic paintings of flowers and other natural beauty.

At this upcoming Art Walk, she will be signing copies of her freshly pressed book, "Art and Poetry."

From there, the city awaits.

Guided by maps and lavender balloons outside each location, guests visit local staples like Kobo Gallery, Liquid Sands Glass Gallery, ShopSCAD, and Grand Bohemian Gallery. The walk also includes 15 City Market galleries, including the Savannah Gallery, Jonathon Gregory K Abstract Art Studio, and Samantha Claar's Gullah Living.

Within City Market's galleries is a trove of talent, perhaps the city's best-kept secret, and not from tourists, but from locals.

"We had a lot of comments from gallery owners, especially City Market gallery owners that for the first time a lot of locals came into their galleries," says Taylor. "We had a lot of guests who came in from out of town just for the Savannah Art Walk."

The evening concludes at 8pm much like it began, with a wine pour, this time at Andaz.

There, visitors to ten or more galleries will be entered in a raffle for decadent goodies like free hotel stays or gift certificates to restaurants and local galleries.

For those who cannot make the 4pm kickoff or participate to the end, worry not. Guests can join in whenever and wherever they like.

The event will run 10 months of the year from September to June, skipping Savannah's hottest, haziest days.

As much as Taylor's "romantic, dreamy, divine" aesthetic seeps into Savannah Art Walk, it is truly a community affair.

"It belongs to all of us. It belongs to our community, our galleries, our artists," she says.

The event came together quickly, in a month.

"You have excellent people working together. You have strong pillars of the community," Taylor says, counting herself, the Bohemian, Andaz, and others such as her alma mater SCAD, who committed to sponsorship without hesitation.

There is also something to this moment, in Taylor's opinion.

"The renaissance..." she smiles. "I have felt it for a while this positive energy and respect for art and artists, just the human condition that we all need to be surrounded with creativity."

"It just feels like this swirling and whirling that's happened with Art Rise and what they've built is so incredible," she says of Art Rise Savannah and it's First Friday Art March in the Starland District. The Savannah Art Walk is a compliment to the Art March, bringing the same sense of community and exposure downtown.

"To give back to our community with the Savannah Art Walk is beautiful because this community embraced a 17-year-old girl from Utah who came here with nothing—just big dreams, a scholarship and good work ethic," Taylor says flashing her signature smile. cs

Art Walk expands on Savannah’s renaissance

30 Mar 2015

According to local artist and gallery owner Tiffani Taylor, “It’s the time of renaissance in Savannah.”

“I keep hash-tagging ‘renaissance,’” she adds.

She explains that in the past few years, she has seen a progression toward more collaboration of artists in the community, especially with the growth of Art Rise Savannah and its monthly Art March.


“It reminds me of the renaissance, because during that time you had guilds — the writers, the painters, the metalsmiths — and they were collaborative and we have that now in Savannah,” Taylor says.


To expand on the collaboration of local artists, Taylor is starting the new Savannah Art Walk. It begins April 4 and will take place the first Saturday night of each month (except during the hottest months of summer).

This month’s event features 19 galleries. The walk begins at 4 p.m. with a wine pour at Rocks on the Roof at the Bohemian Hotel on River Street. Guests will have the chance to view Taylor’s painting “Talmadge Bridge: Music” on display and pick up the keepsake Savannah Art Walk maps designed by Taylor’s fellow Savannah College of Art and Design alumnus HeeJ Chung, who has donated her time as artistic director to also create posters, the website and Facebook page for the event.

Art walkers will then head over to Tiffani Taylor Gallery for a tour at 4:45 p.m.

At. 6 p.m., the group will go to the Andaz for a wine pour. While there, five artists or gallery owners will speak briefly about their art and their spaces. Then Taylor will explain the Savannah Art Walk map and the incentives for visiting at least 10 galleries on the list.

According to Taylor, participants will go off on their own with their maps and return to her gallery at 8 p.m. All guests who visited at least 10 galleries on the list will be entered into a raffle to win hotel stays, gift baskets and gift certificates.

Taylor also adds that if you cannot arrive at 4 p.m., look at the schedule and map on the Art Walk Savannah website or Facebook page, and meet up with the group at your own pace.

She is quick to mention that the introduction of the Art Walk is meant to complement, not compete, with the already popular Art March that takes place the first Friday night of the month in the Victorian District.

“I wanted to be very cognizant of what they have built ... I met with the executive director (of Art Rise, Clinton Edminster) and we are so in synergy and happy to work with one another, and to me, that’s indicative of the positivity of the movement and what we are doing,” she says.

“They have started something really wonderful to showcase the Victorian District and now the downtown is covered and also brought to life.”

She adds that with the Art March on the first Friday night of the month and Art Walk on the first Saturday night, “the community and tourists can experience our entire city now in an artistic movement.”

Taylor says the concept for the new Art Walk happened organically after an artist talk she gave at the Andaz, where she has been a salon artist for the past three years.

“Kevin Shields, the general manager of the Bohemian Hotel, approached me to collaborate with their hotel and immediately it was born within me ... to start an art walk,” she says. “... The art historian within me loves sharing the stories and the art of my fellow artists.”

Taylor moved to Savannah in 1998 to study painting at SCAD. She earned her BFA and then later went on to earn her master’s degree in art history. During her time here as a student and artist, she has built a network of colleagues across genres and she hopes to only broaden that reach with this new endeavor.

“We are thankful for our sponsors ... and my grand vision is to keep it simple,” Taylor says, “and to continue this collaboration of sponsorship and artists ... let it organically build to a beautiful, positive experience for the community, tourists and artists and gallery owners.”


What: Savannah Art Walk

When: 4-8 p.m. April 4

Cost: Free

Info: or Savannah Art Walk on Facebook





Savannah Morning News: Bis Article



Savannah artist and business owner Tiffani Taylor was talking about her work.

Surrounded by brilliantly colored oil paintings at her Tiffany Taylor Gallery, she said she didn’t have a favorite.

“I call all of them my children,” she said matter-of-factly.

Still, she pointed to a 36-inch-by-36-inch, $4,200 painting of the Flower Market in Paris. There were her memories of wildflowers in the foreground and behind them, twigs and berries.

“It’s one of my favorites. The flowers are glowing with beauty,” she said.

Interwoven with the wild flowers was the stream-of-consciousness poetry she likes to include in her art.

“Praise God. Praise God. Praise God. The struggle is over,” she wrote.

The struggle? The struggle she endured in a childhood of poverty and food stamps. And her struggle to make a living from her art.

“This painting celebrates the loveliness and peace that I’ve created,” said Taylor who will turn 34 in September.

“You know, the wisdom you gain as you age. I feel the happiest and most peaceful I’ve ever been,” said Taylor.

Taylor has been making art ever since she can remember.

“I did my first drawings when I was 18 months old,” she said.

Born and raised in Ogden, Utah, she really got serious about art in ninth grade. She joined the Western Art Guild as its youngest member and won a first place prize for a realistic, Prisma pencil drawing of Indian corn.

And she established a goal: “I would try to live the American dream with my art.”

At 17, she left home with a presidential scholarship to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. The scholarship paid tuition but not food, housing and other expenses.

So to pay those costs, “I started making murals.”

Also, she made and sold pottery through a Savannah firm, Midnight Star Pottery.

Living was hand-to-mouth.

“I lived on $2 a day. I ate a lot of Cup ‘O Noodles,” she said with a laugh.

But by her third year at SCAD, her mural and pottery businesses were doing well. She had painted a mural of “lush trees” for the home of Mary Ann Bowen Beil and Frederic Beil who have since become “dear friends,” as well as advocates for her work.

“We’ve watched her progress since she was 18,” Mary Ann Bowman Beil said. “The mural looks like a Rousseau with all manner of foliage, palm fronds, butterflies, all manners of creatures. And (in the mural) there’s a portrait of our cat” (that had watched Taylor paint).

The Beils knew the president of the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Fla., Taylor said. Because of that connection, Taylor sent him a large pottery bowl based on Dali’s painting “Fish with Red Bowl.”

He liked it — and soon Taylor made a collection of pieces for the museum — about 12 in all, all inspired by Dali’s work.

The Dali job exemplified her philosophy.

“I’m a painter. But I believe in saying ‘yes.’ When opportunities present themselves to you, it’s important to grow.”

While attending SCAD, Taylor worked full time, making paintings, murals and pottery.

“I worked really hard in school. I only went to one party,” she said.

She also exhibited her work at two galleries in Utah, at Midnight Star and at Shop SCAD, the SCAD store for faculty and student art.

Taylor graduated from SCAD in 2002 as valedictorian, with a major in painting. The next year, while still painting, she earned a master’s degree from SCAD in art history.

After that, “I worked 18 hours day, continuing doing murals and painting,” she said.

In July 2006, she painted and lectured on art and business at SCAD’s campus in Lacoste, France, and exhibited her work at a gallery there, Galerie Pfreimm where she still shows work.

Back in Savannah, she continued painting and by 2012 was showing her work at 15 galleries here and abroad. In March 2012, she decided to go it alone.

“I opened my own space,” she said.

Her gallery featured her work in mixed media — oil and watercolor paintings and pottery. The gallery also featured work by SCAD students and other Savannah artists.

Why a gallery?

“I struggled with the idea for three years. Everybody was encouraging me to do it for so long. It changes everything to have a physical space like a store,” she said. “You have to be open certain hours. But in the end, I wanted to do it.

“I can exhibit my art that tells the story of my journey. Also, it honors my vision and energy.”

Her gallery shows off a number of Taylor’s themes — a wild horse series, a series on Southeast Georgia marshes, landmarks in Savannah such as the fountain in Forsyth Park and a favorite topic, poppies.

The poppies that burst from her paintings in an explosion of reds and pinks reflect her childhood.

“My mom always had pink, paper-thin poppies in the front yard. And the neighbors had pink and red poppies. I always admired these fiery, delicate blooms,” Taylor said.

A large painting of poppies “with my original poetry streaming throughout” netted her $7,000 and paid for Taylor’s trip to Paris in 2003.

Also in the gallery — and a new online store — is Taylor’s Lifestyle Collection, affordable art that includes coffee cups, iPad covers and journals — “things you use in everyday life” — covered with blooms, cardinals and other birds.

As summer ends, Taylor is busy as usual. She is working out of a small studio in Atlanta, painting a new series, the Atlanta skyline as storms roll in. She is also creating a mural for supporter and friend Paula Wallace, the founder and president of SCAD.

“Tiffani Taylor has perfected the art of living fully, joyfully and expectantly,” Wallace said. “She is an artist of beauty and grace and the benefactor of deserving SCAD students whom she mentors and supports through the Tiffani Taylor Scholarship Fund.”

Taylor has established a scholarship that gives one recipient a year $900 for art supplies. “And I exhibit their art.”

Taylor said she is grateful to SCAD for her education — not only honing her skills as an artist but giving her the tools to become a successful entrepreneur. In “Professional Practices,” a course she took as an undergraduate, “I learned I needed business cards and a website. And an attorney and an accountant.”

She is also grateful her business and painting are going so well.

“I think I’m successful because, truthfully, I have sacrificed and worked very, very hard,” she said. “I feel I’m successful because, as much as possible, I give back. I give to Safe Shelter, Habitat for Humanity and the Rape Crisis Center.

“And I’m successful in my art. I felt very, very humble, how blessed I am to make a living as an artist ... The reason I’m successful with my art? It’s a gift from God of my talent.”


11 Whitaker St., Savannah, GA 31401



Art & Soul: Savannah artist Tiffani Taylor finds inspiration in Paris

Artist Tiffani Taylor spent seven glorious days in Paris in June .

This gallery owner, entrepreneur and Savannah College of Art and Design graduate traveled abroad for the opening of fashion guru Andre Leon Talley’s Little Black Dress exhibition at the Mona Bismark Center, located directly across from the Eiffel Tower.

“After attending the staggeringly beautiful exhibition, I walked toward the Eiffel Tower at twilight and was once again viscerally stunned by its beauty and the energy of the Parisian night,” Taylor recalls.

Colorful visions of Paris define “Le Jardin Blanc: Paris,” a new collection of mixed-media paintings celebrating the city’s flower markets, iconic monuments and quiet moments. By layering paint, gold leaf and original hand-written poetry atop collaged sheet music and vintage postcards, this enthusiastic artist shares her passion for France’s City of Light.

Taylor recently spoke with the Savannah Morning News about the romance of Paris, her evolving style and the power of the poppy.

What tends to attract your eye when you’re in Paris? What stood out to you during this particular visit?

This visit was very much about walking and observing. As an artist, I am always looking, my eyes noticing the tiny nuances unnoticed by most — especially moss between pavers and tiny, fallen white blossoms and tiny tufts of feathers. Finding feathers has always assured me I am on the right path.

Your new paintings seems to convey the romance of Paris, as well as your passion for the city.

This collection of paintings is very much about romance and pure joi de vivre! As with all of my expressionistic mixed-media works, my paintings continue to be a vehicle for all I have experienced and bridging those experiences with being present and experiencing the now.

Above all else, this collection is an experience of light through an expressionistic use of color. My work seeks to describe light and divinity, to express energy and emotion. Through light and color, I am conveying my emotions and all I have experienced — how I see the world and what it feels like to stumble upon the flower markets in Paris. There is a humming to the flowers at the market, set against the gray stone buildings of the city.

What do you find so alluring about Paris?

It is important to me to see, taste, and experience the city I am in. Paris is no exception. It is a city to explore on foot, especially in the evenings. Montmartre has always drawn me; the energy of past poets and artists palpable. I feel most at home when I am there in cafes and purchasing antiquities on paper from little shops. I am also drawn to visit the works of the Great Masters, especially Monet, Renoir, Cassatt, da Vinci. The architecture of the city is somber, yet accented and gilded with gold. I love the contrast.

Your new paintings seem to have a looser style and a broader color palette, incorporating bright turquoise and amethyst hues. How do you see your work evolving over time?

My work continues to evolve and, truthfully, some of its evolution I cannot explain. I am trusting the direction my art is going. My paintings are indicative of where I am at in life and the alchemy of my materials organically reflects that.

For example, the gold leaf I have used for many years has started to oxidize within my studio and the paint palette I’m using is composed of the same hues, but they are mixed to depict a new color palette I have never used. My paintbrush is dancing amongst the decay and patina of the background that I begin each canvas with.

Why does the poppy serve as such a recurring symbol in your work? What does that particular flower mean to you?

The poppy is my personal signifier. When I came to SCAD on a Presidential Scholarship, it was for my drippy portraiture and realistic pencil drawings. Being so homesick and far from home, I had dreams of the poppies of my youth, with my mother’s and grandmother’s sheet music in the background and my poetry painted throughout the composition.

The poppies I studied and sketched in my youth grew from cracks in the sidewalks and in my mother’s garden. The poppy is a delicate, yet fiery bloom, indicative of my soul and spirit. Like the poppies of my youth, I continue to bloom, through adversity and obstacles, much like the poppy grew from the cracks of the sidewalk to face the sun.


Originally from Ogden, Utah, Tiffani Taylor moved to Savannah in 1998 to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design on a Presidential Scholarship. Her colorful paintings and mixed media work have been collected by celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Diane Von Furstenberg and Andre Leon Talley.


What: “Le Jardin Blanc: Paris,” new paintings by Tiffani Taylor

Where: Tiffani Taylor Gallery, 11 Whitaker St.

When: Ongoing

Gallery hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays

For more information: Call 507-7860 or visit


New April 2013 - Article by the Phenomenal Jessica Leigh Lebos for Connect Savannah

Click Image to Enlarge 

-Lifestyle Collection Infinite Possibilities Notebook -

Photography by Kelsey Stapleton 

Like a lot of people in this eclectic little town, I'm an art groupie.

I worship at the paint-stained feet of Betsey CainJerome Meadows,Katherine SandozMatt HebermehlAdolfo AlvaradoMelinda Borysevicz, Tobia Makover, Troy Wandzel and every other brilliant local who showed at last week's Taste of Art or at Slideluck or has hung work at the Whitney Gallery or Kobo or the walls of Gallery Espresso. I want to carry their canvases and clean up their messes and fill my house from floor to ceiling with their abstract marshscapes and ghostly portraits and urban swirls.

Oh yes, I heart Savannah artists. But Tiffani Taylor was my first.

One spring day in the early aughts, when I was still just another tourist traipsing along Bull Street ogling the Spanish moss and the gold cornices on the Scottish Rite Temple, I found myself loitering in front of ShopSCAD. A huge canvas of red poppies hung in the window. The more I looked, the more I saw, bits of poetry and paper doll heads and gold drips and muddy smears. I fell in.

Forty-five minutes later I was still standing there. The only other time I had the experience of being so captivated by a painting that I wanted to live inside it was Magritte's Son of Man, but only because that apple looked so goddamned delicious.

When I moved to Savannah and landed a job as the editor of the now-defunctskirt! magazine, Tiffani was the first person I sought out to interview. The valedictorian of the 2002 SCAD graduating class then painted in a tiny bedroom, struggling to pay bills with mural commissions as collectors and curators were starting to take notice of her layered floral landscapes. We talked about her impoverished childhood in rural Utah, where she learned how to find acceptance and love in what was blooming in the fields and forests.

"Nature is my cathedral," she told me back then, showing me a handful of dirt that she would later rub into a future canvas.

Candlewax, coffee grounds, old sheet music and even food stamps peeked out from beneath the delicate flowers and gold-flecked sparrows (yeah, Tiffani was putting a bird on it before it was a thing.) Hers is an alchemy that combines femininity and grit, bridging the relationship between authenticity and happiness. Also, her work is just so, so pretty.

The feature I wrote was one of her first pieces of press, and there have been many dozens since. Her artwork now hangs in private collections around the world.

I remained obsessed with those red poppies, decoupaging the refrigerator with cutouts photos of Tiffani's paintings until The Best Husband in the Whole World bought me a real one for my birthday.

Nowadays, Tiffani's lovely countenance and philanthropic efforts (she donates paintings to women's charities and started a SCAD Scholarship Fund in 2009 to help other struggling students) have also attracted attention, as has her gentle support of young artists, taking interns under her wing and encouraging their visions.

"In the Renaissance, artists were nurtured and valued, and I think that's starting to happen again now," she told me recently. "The myth of the starving artist needs to die."

Inspired by Impressionist Claude Monet, who said "It's not everything to paint; you have to sell and live," Tiffani has also cultivated another elusive muse: Business acumen.

Last year she opened the Tiffani Taylor Gallery at the north end of Whitaker Street, a gloriously sunny and strategically shrewd spot to showcase her work. Longtime patrons visit after lunch at their favorite downtown restaurant. Tourists often wander in on their way to The Lady & Sons and leave with a small painting or a piece of hand-painted pottery.

Sometimes, when it's not enough to drink my tea next to the single poppy painting in my kitchen, I like to go over and sip in the glow of an entire wall of them. Tiffani and curator Arlene Kidd (who also happens to be her mama) don't seem to mind, even if I drop a few crumbs from my Coffee Fox fig kolache.

Her poppies have undeniable broad appeal, and Tiffani has been courted over recent years by companies who wanted to market her designs for bed, bath and beyond. But she has fought the temptation to turn a quick buck, instead protecting her copyrights like baby birds, waiting until she could put up the money herself.

The gallery's first anniversary coincides with the launch of the Tiffani Taylor Lifestyle Collection, an affordable array of pillows, pendants, coffee mugs, iPhone cases, purses and other charms that make it possible for everyone to own a piece of her art, even groupies of humble means. The kickoff party is on Thursday, April 11, with delectables by It's Thyme Catering, co-owned by her BFF Penny Smith-Horton.

"I am my own investor, and I'm so proud of that," Tiffani tells me as we set our poppy mugs down onto a pair of her bird coasters. "I needed to keep the integrity of it all, to preserve the drips and splatters and every word."

The line is available exclusively at the gallery and online at, though there are whispers of other things in the works for Tiffani Taylor in 2014. Big things. Maybe even Oprah-sized things.

For now, however, her motto is "infinite possibilities," a phrase that appears in her artwork as well in conversation.

"Anything can happen," she shrugs with a smile when I suggest that her poppies might become as iconic as Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Did you know Van Gogh used to eat his own paint? Lead-based, which explains why he was so batscat crazy. He also died a pauper. The lesson there for artists and those who love them is don't snack on Cerulean blue, and don't be afraid to succeed.

Or as Tiffani puts it: "Art and business shouldn't be a dichotomy."



 February 2013 - Travel Host Magazine Editorial


"Nature is a cathedral where Divinity speaks in moments of beauty and inspiration."  When you walk into Tiffani Taylor Gallery in historic downtown Savannah, you'll see representations of these moments transformed into breath-taking original art.

Click Image to Enlarge

Article Page on Travelhost Magazine

The Tiffani Taylor Gallery is a dreamy, romantic sanctuary where you will find original pieces of art, created by the owner of the gallery herself.  The art that you will see in the gallery are somewhat of a patchwork quilt of Tiffani's travels--the moments of beauty that she has experienced from Paris, France to Rome, Italy to right here in Savannah.  You can see the passion that Tiffani has for creating unique pieces of art-red poppies surrounded by rich flecks of gold paint, vibrant cardinals in the treetops, pastel marshlands... you can practically feel the emotions leaping off of each canvas.  

Tiffani's paintings lend themselves to other areas of art as well-you will find pottery, stationery, and fabric in the charming gallery.  The gallery is a family-owned business, as Tiffani is both the artist and owner, and her mother is the full-time curator, happy to assist visitors in finding the perfect piece of art to add to his or her collection or selecting an original gift for loved ones.

When speaking with Tiffani and by simply viewing her beautiful work, it is immediately obvious that Tiffani loves what she does, but maybe even more than that, she wants YOU to leave inspired.

Cover Page 

Tiffani wants to inspire others by her work, but she also takes it a step farther.  The artist pays it forward with the Tiffani Taylor Endowed Scholarship for one student each year at the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  This year's recipient will be the third to receive the scholarship.

In Tiffani's 13 years of full-time artistry, her work has been on exhibition internationally, and her art can be found in the collections of Oprah Winfrey, Vogue Editor-at-Large Andre Leon Talley, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, and others.

Tiffani Taylor Ad on Travelhost Magazine  

Designed by   the talented Emily Avery

With a variety of work displayed, as well as a variety o price ranges, Tiffani Taylor Gallery (which will be celebrating its one-year Anniversary on April 11th!) has something to everyone.  Come view the gorgeous creations of acclaimed artist Tiffani Taylor, ad you will no doubt leave inspired.

Tiffani Taylor Gallery is located at 11 Whitaker Street in downtown Savannah.  Open Tues-Sat.  10am-5pm.  Call 912.507.7860 for more information.  Also, visit (The Tiffani Taylor Gallery Blog is on the site as well) for more information about Tiffani's art, upcoming events, and other news.  Tell her Travelhost sent you!!!



February 2013 - Andaz Event Synopsis and Photographs


Tiffani Taylor Painting Demonstration, 

Discussion & Reception

Andaz Salon


Click Image to Enlarge

Click Image to Enlarge

Andaz Savannah launched its Andaz Salons series with a colorful bang on December 13.  Its kick-off event was an interactive and playful soiree with the exceptionally talented local artist, Tiffani Taylor. Tiffani welcomed over 75 guests - there to engage in the creative process with her. Attendees had the unusual opportunity of helping Tiffani finish one of her paintings, by applying their very own artistic brushstrokes to the piece. 

Tiffani not only engaged guests on a one-on-one basis, but she also shared with the group some of the secrets of her personal brush techniques.  The enjoyable evening included delicious bites from fabulous Chef Lauren, accompanied by a seemingly endless stream of prosecco and cheese.



February 2013 - Art Auction at the Jepson


Dear Friends, Family & Patrons:


Expressionistic Marsh  24"X24" 

I just wanted to let you know my work will be on display at the Jepson Center, beginning on Friday February 8, on the 2nd and3rd floors of the Jepson. 

Interested buyers can get a bidder number at the event or beforehand at the art auction desk. The bidding will culminate on Thursday,February 21 with the annual Silent Art Auction event, sponsored by SunTrust.

Tickets are $75 each.



January 2013 - Tiffani and Andaz


ANDAZ Savannah

The inspiration for the collaborative Artwork stemmed from aconversation with longtime friend and Art Director of shopSCAD, Amy Zurcher.When Zurcher suggested Taylor create a piece of Art, of which is then givenaway, Taylor loved the idea of paying it forward.

Days later Taylor was approached by Elaine Carter, Director ofSales and Marketing for Andaz, as well as General Manager, Pedro Perez to bethe very first Artist at the Andaz Salon. The Salon organically grew to includethe Collaborative Artwork.

The canvas, 5' x 10', is valued at $11,000.00. Members of thecommunity, guests of Andaz, and patrons of Taylor's Gallery will each be givena 6" x 6" square of the canvas a week after the Salon.

An alumna of Savannah College of Art and Design, Ms. Taylorstates: "It is of gratitude and love I create this painting and inviteguests and patrons to participate in the completion of the Artwork. I haveprepared the canvas with scores of butterflies and gold... I have always feltbutterflies are good omens and the gold is indicative of the magic hour, thetime of evening when everything glows with a honeyed light."

Guests will be provided with smocks, painting, and writingmaterials.






GUESTS' PERSONAL CREATIVITYSalon Events Reflect the Passion and Vibe of Savannah 
and Introduces Guests to Cultural ArbitersSAVANNAH (December XX, 2012)

-Andaz Savannah announced today the debut of its Andaz Salon, a regular series of events to be held at the hotel, offering the opportunity for guests and neighbors to engage in creative inspiration. Under the guidance of a unique event host, guests and community members will have the opportunity to enjoy local art exhibits, music, culinary demonstrations and tastings among other planned events.  

The first Andaz Savannah Salon will feature paintings and discussion from the Tiffani Taylor Gallery. Arlene Kidd, curator of the Tiffani Taylor Gallery, will host discussion with guests and be available to answer questions about the artist's inspiration, work methods and collection. Tiffani's work is shown in galleries internationally, including the Dali Museum in Barcelona, Spain and is included in the personal collections of Diane von Furstenberg, Oprah Winfrey and Vogue magazine editor-at-large, Andre Leon Talley.  

The Andaz Savannah Salon takes place on December 13th from 5:30p.m - 7:30p.m. The event is free for hotel guests and the community. For more information and to rsvp, please write:

"We believe the Andaz Savannah Salon provides a unique forum where ideas are easily born, exchanged and expanded," said Pedro Perez, General Manager. "We are pleased to be able to bring together key influencers and one-of-a-kind experiences to help fuel our guests' passion for work and life, and we welcome the Tiffani Taylor Gallery to Andaz Savannah"

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For more information about Andaz Savannah, please visit: or call 912-233-2116.

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May 2012 - Press Release 2nd Annual Scholarship Fundraiser and Artist Reception


Artist Shares Talent and Scholarship with Rising Stars

2nd Annual Artist Reception and Scholarship Fundraiser

(Savannah, GA) - "The outpouring of support last year opened such a successful door that we knew we had to do it again this year," explains Artist Tiffani Taylor. 

Valedictorian of her Savannah College of Art and Design graduating class, Taylor is no stranger to working hard and making grades in college.

"As costs continue to rise for post-secondary education, colleges continue to have budget cuts from state and federal funding sources, I feel it is my duty as a graduate and blessed Artist and Entrepreneur to reach out and help students," says Taylor.

The Tiffani Taylor Painting Scholarship Fund was created to assist students struggling to pay for school but who also have high academic standards. Requirements for scholarship recipients are: SCAD Painting Major, full-time undergraduate student, must have completed 90 credit hours by end of Spring Quarter, must be in financial need, maintain a 3.8 GPA, demonstrate leadership ability, and have a record of community

Taylor arranged for the Second Annual Artist Reception for her 2011 Scholarship Recipient Graduate, Ms. Lex Hade, whose work, according to her, "is an account of objects from our collective past, recorded by
observation and articulated with traditional media to prove our connectedness."

"I'm so proud of Lex and all the work she's done.  Not only is she a recent SCAD graduate, she's already received a full scholarship offer to the University of Notre Dame so she can obtain her MFA.  She's simply
unstoppable," says Taylor.

On Thursday, May 31st from 5-7pm, Hade and Taylor will be on-hand at Ruth's Chris to officially present their works.  Part of all art sale proceeds will fund the scholarship.  The Wine Cellar Showcase will feature
an exhibition of Selected Works by 2012 SCAD Graduates in the Fine Arts by Tiffani Taylor.  All exhibits will be on display at Ruth's Chris until July 15th.

"Lex dazzles her fans with the incredible imagery she's able to create - the energy eluded from her work is outstanding.  I'm excited to help her share her talent with the world and I'm honored to call her a colleague."

Tiffani Taylor's Art Gallery opened early April, around the corner from Ruth's Chris at 11 Whitaker Street.  The gallery will be open during the reception and will feature work from both artists as well as desserts from It's Thyme Catering throughout the reception.

For more information or to peruse the artists' works, please visit Tiffani Taylor's website -, and Lex Hade's website,

WHO: Tiffani Taylor, Artist and Entrepreneur
WHAT: Artist Reception and Scholarship Fundraiser
WHERE: Ruth's Chris Lounge
WHEN: Thursday, May 31 from 5:00p-7:00p
Exhibit will be on display at Ruth's Chris until July 15th


April 2012 - Press Release and Grand Opening!


Nationally Acclaimed Artist opens Savannah Gallery

(Savannah, GA) – Renowned artist Tiffani Taylor brings her incredible energy and talent to anew gallery opening, 11 Whitaker Street on Thursday, April 12.

This renovated space brings light, color, and poppies to the space located behind Ruth’s Chris on Whitaker Street. Known for the beautiful red flower that adorns a number of her artistic endeavors, Tiffani knew the time was right to open her gallery.

“It was a big leap of faith, but the timing just made everything come together so naturally that I knew the gallery was the next step for me and my art,” says Taylor.

A graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design, Tiffani has taught and shown across the globe, from France to Italy and a number of stops in between, but it’s Savannah, GA where she’s made her mark and chosen to open her space.

“I consider it an honor that Savannah allows me to call her home,” smiles Taylor, “so I had to do something to give back.”

Along with a percentage of her grand opening sales, Tiffani will donate $10 from every pack of Expressionistic Savannah Marsh Note Card Sets to The Humane Society of Savannah, showcasing her love of animals, and her adopted love, Lil’ Papa.

The Humane Society of Savannah will also be on hand at the ribbon cutting ceremony to discuss adoptions and set up appointments for anyone interested in adopting a pet.

“They do such great work, I had to be a part of their dedication to the planet and its inhabitants, both two and four-­‐legged.”

Mayor Edna Jackson will assist Tiffani in cutting the ribbon on her new space and National Recording Artist Bob Sima will perform officially opening the gallery at 1:00 the afternoon and lasting until 8:00 the evening of April 12. For more on Mr. Sima, check out his website at

Gallery Info:

Tiffani Taylor, Artist and Gallery Owner 

Ribbon Cutting Grand Opening

Tiffani Taylor Gallery

11 Whitaker Street

Thursday, April 12 at 1:00pm – 8:00pm

Store Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10a-­‐5p

Telephone: 912-­‐507-­‐7860


WJCL Article Written by Jesse Blanco



June 2011- SCAD Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Click Image to Enlarge

June 2011 - SCAD District "SCAD alum pays it forward with scholarship fund"


SCAD alum pays it forward with scholarship fund

June 2, 2011
Trio of Sparrows Painting by Tiffani Taylor

By Kenneth Rosen

Click Image to Enlarge

The newly-founded Tiffani Taylor Painting Scholarship Fund will have its first exhibition show June 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Ruth's Chris on Bay Street. The show features the work of Tiffani Taylor and the first recipient of the scholarship, Adam Winnie.

Winnie, a third-year painting major, applied for the Tiffani Taylor Painting Scholarship during fall quarter of last year.

"There was a limited amount of scholarships tailored to painting majors," Winnie said, "and I focused predominantly on hers."

Since it is one of few painting scholarships, it has high expectations. Candidates must be full-time, undergraduate painting majors with 90 credit hours before spring quarter and maintain a 3.8 GPA. Taylor has set the bar high for students, and she can relate having graduated from SCAD in 2003.

When she attended SCAD, Taylor had a presidential scholarship. Taylor, who received her BFA in painting and MFA in art history, hoped to one day pay it forward. Her dream of supporting others through a fund would not have been possible without the support of her friends and patrons Dan Hirsh and Angella Rupelli.

"They collected my artwork before I ever met them," Taylor said. "I was assisting with the alumni scholarship and saw how much financial need there is."

Taylor then expressed her thoughts to Hirsh and Rupelli who donated the first $5,000 on the spot, contingent on the fund being in Taylor's name.

"[The fund] really originated through patronage of my art and dear friends who love art and want to give back," Taylor said.

Although Taylor doesn't get to hand-select the students who receive her scholarship, she knew upon meeting Winnie, that he was the perfect candidate.

"I saw the caliber of his work, and I immediately, organically, thought of my next art exhibit at Ruth's Chris and exhibiting his art," Taylor said.

The scholarship and Taylor's support came just as Winnie needed it most.

"I was on my way to Alexander to work on a self-portrait for my materials and techniques class," Winnie said. "I left my house on my small motorcycle and I got to about Barnard and 32nd Street when another vehicle pulled out in front of me."

The accident left Winnie in the hospital with a fractured collarbone, a fractured fibula, fractured ribs and a concussion. Before the accident, Winnie spent twelve to fourteen hours a day in his studio painting. Although Winnie is in full recovery, he has not mustered the inspiration or energy to paint.

Along with the featured artwork of Winnie and Taylor, a silent auction will be held to benefit the scholarship fund. The fund sits at $20,000, which Taylor hopes to increase with annual receptions and auctions like the one on June 3.

"I just want to see the fund grow," Taylor said. "I want to connect [recipients of the scholarship] with patrons. We all want to see our work on the wall."


May 2011 - Adam Winnie Artist Reception and Silent Auction Scholarship Fundraiser


Artist Shares Talent and Scholarship with Rising Stars'Artist Reception and Silent Auction

(Savannah, GA) - Costs for college educations continue to rise as academic budgets receive record cuts from state and federal funding sources due to the current economic situation.

Artist Tiffani Taylor knows how hard it is for students to attend work and school all while maintaining high academic standards - she knows because she did it while studying at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Which is why, after graduating, she created the Tiffani Taylor Painting Scholarship Fund aimed at helping students struggling to pay for school.

"Being able to lend a hand to fellow artists is why I felt called to start the scholarship," explains Taylor. "It was important to me that the recipient not only be in need of financial assistance but that they maintain a high grade point average as well. I want to know they are working hard to be the best they can be in the classroom."

Requirements for scholarship recipients are: SCAD Painting Major, full-time undergraduate student, must have completed 90 credit hours by end of Spring quarter, must be in financial need, maintain a 3.8 GPA, demonstrate leadership ability, and have a record of community service.

Taylor arranged for an Artist Reception for her first Scholarship Recipient, Graduate, Mr. Adam Winnie, whose work includes large scale portraits, still lifes, and allegorical diptychs.

On Friday, June 3rd from 6-8pm Winnie and Taylor will be on-hand at Ruth's Chris to officially present his works and to host a silent auction of Taylor's work of which 100% of the proceeds will fund the scholarship. TheWine Cellar Showcase will feature an exhibition of Selected Works by 2011 SCAD Graduates in the Fine Arts by Tiffani Taylor. All exhibits will be on display at Ruth's Chris until July 15. "Adam is an incredible artist and I couldn't be prouder to be a par tof his educational journey," says Taylor. "I'm honored to call him a colleague." 

WHO: Tiffani Taylor Painting Scholarship Fund
WHAT: Artist Reception and Silent Auction
WHERE:Ruth's Chris Lounge
WHEN:Friday, June 3 from6-8pm